Monday, December 12, 2005

Bangalore is NOT the IT capital of India anymore!

That is because it is now Bengaluru! Well, it had to happen - following on the heels of Beijing, Myanmar, (yeah..yeah) Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, Bangalore is changing to Bengaluru. How does that affect you and I? I don' t know, check this poll. And what will happen to the "Official government website about the IT industry"? Will they change their domain name to reflect this? By the way, the domain is already taken by an enterprising Arvind Krishnaswamy! In the meantime, there is an interesting piece that says "namma Bengaluru has moved". And I thought it had just arrived. lol.

Also check this out to get a dekko at Neelakantan's attempt to redefine Bangalore.


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