Friday, December 16, 2005

Just stop & think

Saurabh Ganguly has been dropped from the squad for the third and final test match against the Lankans. That's the news, delivered by the chairman of the selection committee, Mr. Kiran More.
  • The media, as usual, is aflutter.
  • The cricket "fans" are aghast at the news and there is a groundswell being created to restore SG
  • The Bengalis, even those who don't know cricket, are up in arms
  • Everybody and his uncle is pointing his finger at Chappell as the reason for Ganguly's "ouster"
  • Even Dravid's silence is being dissected.
But, all this furore is only nailing Ganguly's cricketing coffin tighter!

The media and former cricketers, by quoting the example of Cricket Australia giving Steve Waugh a deadline to gracefully retire, are only indirectly saying that Ganguly should retire!. They are saying "India's most successful captain should be treated better", which means, that he should retire with fanfare!

What was that again?

Does anybody have doubts as to Sourav Ganguly's credentials as a batsman? Obviously and definitiely not! So, why are they talking about graceful exit, better treatment, breaking the news nicely, etc.?

If they drop a player, does that mean that it is the end of the road for him? Certainly the chairman of the selectors doesn't say so.

Therefore, my request to all my fellow cricketers and fans is please do not read a conspiracy where there is none. Let us stop being emotional and start getting real, guys.


Blogger Rajesh said...

It is very naive of you to believe what is being said, at the surface. Why were the three selectors who voted in Ganguly's favour axed, on the very first day?
Do you think Sharad Pawar wants to be transparent really?
How about Agarkar over Zaheer?

Friday, December 16, 2005 10:54:00 PM  

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