Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keep Running, SRT

In the last match against Australia, (Scorecard & related report) the great Sachin was run out. And boy, did that create a discussion for all the wrong reasons! Although I was having a haircut at that time, I stopped the barber just enough to watch the replays. It was pretty evident at that time that Brett Lee after his delivery from over the wicket went ahead where his momentum took him and ended up at the right edge of the pitch. Now what was Sahin doing on the edge of the pitch?

If you ask Sunil Gavaskar or Geoff Boycott, the Jedi masters of cricket (not Inzy or Sourav Ganguly, mind you) then they would remind you that, as a batsman, you are supposed to run a couple of feet away from the strip.

So, why blame Lee? It was an error in judgement from the great SRT.

Talking about errors in judgement, perhaps it is good for him to retire from ODI? India will never sack him like OZ did Punter, but isn't it better for Sachin to make a dignified exit? I mean what is he waiting for, a 100th 100? C'mon if you go for trivial records, then he doesn't hold most of them - century on debut, century at Lord's, highest individual score in any format of the game, highest number of catches, highest number of wickets in any format of the game, and so on.

But he does have the record for highest number of centuries individual and collective in International cricket, and he is also the highest run getter.

So, please Sachin, take a bow and retire with dignity!


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