Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sack Dhoni?

Indians, in general, like to talk like experts in a field that they are not, just because they have the opportunity and the avenue to do so. This post by Sambit Bal is an excellent example of this exasperating and even irritating tendency to shoot off with an analysis and a conclusion based on their limited expertise & shallow knowledge.

Another gem. Bishen Bedi has made a statement recently that Dhoni should be sacked. By his own standards on Tendulkar (only those who have played over 150 Tests should ask him to retire), isn't it fair that only those who have captained India in at least 25 Tests should call for Dhoni's head?

The media, the scribes, the wannabe cricket experts - They are the guys who think they can make and break people, careers, etc., of celebrities and public figures. They think they can play God. I think it is absolutely SAD :( 

Shaun Pollock's (@7polly7) tweet of wisdom is very appropriate to this point -
"Be careful having an opinion in an area where you don't have a responsibility."


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