Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do you want Odd-Even Back In Delhi?

The Delhi Government, through its full page advertisement in dailies, asks the citizen - "Do you want the Odd-Even scheme back?" Here is the advertisement and, below that, my answers to the questions.

My Answers:

  • Should Odd-Even brought back in Delhi? NO
  • If yes, from which date should Odd-Even be implemented again? NA
  • For how many days should Odd-Even be implemented this time? NA
  • Would you buy a secod car if Odd-Even is implemented again? NA
  • Which Categories should be exempted from Odd-Even this time? Only Buses and Emergency Vehicles
  • Do you have any suggestions? Yes, see below:

Suggestion 1

Yes, we should have a "pay-as-you-use" format where road-users are charged when they use specific roads during peak hours and / or certain time slots depending on traffic conditions in areas. Only Public Transport such as buses and Emergency vehicles should be exempt from this.

The benefits are:

1. This encourages road users to find alternative mode of transport such as public transport, car pooling, or change time of road usage.

2. This minimizes traffic volume in heavily used roads like Ring Road as well as congested areas and major intersections like ITO, Ashram, etc.

3. It reduces road activity unless absolutely essential and, therefore, helps reduce vehicular pollution

Suggestion 2

Implement "lane driving" & "road discipline" with hefty penalties and a "no-discussion / no-contest" policy. This will promote smoother traffic movement and reduce congestion and well as travel time, eventually reducing vehicular pollution!

To read about pros & cons of Odd-Even, click here --> Are car owners being taken for a ride in Delhi?


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