Monday, January 30, 2012

A 70+ batting Average does not count!

I did not expect a totally lopsided discussion from Harsha where he is asking for heads to roll, particularly that of Dravid & Laxman and if you are attentive, you might think he wants Sachin to go too!

Listen to the audio here --> Time for an exit plan for the big three

Here's why:

In the last 13 innings before Oz (8 in England & 5 in India against WI), the big 3 in question scored like this -

SRT: 34, 12, 16, 56, 1, 40, 23, 91, 7, 76, 38, 94 & 3. Tot: 491, Avg 38
RSD: 103*, 36, 117, 6, 22, 18, 146*, 13, 54, 31, 119, 82 & 33. Tot: 780, Avg:71
VVS: 10, 56, 54, 4, 30, 2, 2, 24, 1, 58*, 176*, 32 & 31. Tot: 480, Avg:43.6

If you don't count the WI series, then the stats are:

SRT: Tot: 273, Avg 34
RSD: Tot: 461, Avg 77
VVS: Tot: 182, Avg 23

In Oz:

SRT: Tot: 287, Avg 36
RSD: Tot: 194, Avg 24
VVS: Tot: 155, Avg19

Based on the above, who are the real 2 failures? I am amazed that Harsha was asking for RSD's head when he has been the highest test scorer in the world just last year! And of these, barring the 319 runs scored against WI in India, the others have come overseas!

And, why ask the batsmen to go, why not ask people like Zaheer to go?

As a media person one has the power to influence the minds of the fans & cricket administrators. But with power comes responsibility. With this totally subjective viewpoint, I feel that he has let Indian cricket reporting down.

ps: source for above stats: ESPNCricinfo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cooked outside the Dust Bowls

In the ESPNcricinfo awards for Test bowling, 2011, the top 3 entries (& most out of the list) is from India, from the "cooked" part I mean!

The Solution? Get more pacy swing bowlers in the team like Pakistan and repay the overseas hosts by the same coin or, quite simply, have more games in India's dust bowls where our batsmen can bully others.

See the story here -The raw and the cooked